Jun 03,2020.
Top 10 Bucks Party Ideas

Well, well, well… another buddy bites the engagement dust and here you are scoping out cool Bucks Party ideas to throw the pinnacle of all Bachelor parties.

Strap yourself in mate. It’s time to simultaneously shift both your hedonism and decorum from first gear into fifth. You have a delicate balancing act of spoiling the Groom, roasting the Groom and pleasing all da boiz, whilst clawing it out the other end semi-unscathed.

This is a tradition you do not want to kook on. Seriously… bucks parties are a tradition rooted in ancient history. Dating back as far as 5th Century BC, Spartans were the OG lads to first honour a groom’s last night as an unmarried man. Although, we sense “good form” for bachelor parties back then were a little less wild and a little more (or a lot more) polite.

But as much as us 21st Century folk idolise a notorious party to rival The Hangover, in reality you only want to lose a few inhibitions, not the Groom.  

Remember, this isn’t about being a bad (and misogynistic) 80s sex movie.

Yet we can’t all have Jon Olsson’s legendary father-in-law and mates as a logistical brain trust, the luck of being in the right place and right time with Bill Murray’s spontaneity, the #sponcon deals of Nick Jonas, nor the allowance of Prince Harry. 

So listen up all you wannabe Tiger Woods,  this is how you can come close to par.

Gliding through an unforgettable “last night of freedom” – minus the next day headaches, anxiety, regrets and/or felonies – has never been smoother.

Here are the top 10 best bucks party ideas for an unforgettable Bachelor party.

1. Whisky is a win


Sometimes the Groom-to-be would rather be sipping on a dram of rare whisky, than smashing down tequila shots. Lean into the refined route and round up each lad to bring along their finest bottle of choice. Stack up the options, and have a personal bartender serve up the tasteful mouthfuls and the tasteful chat. 

2. Surprise boat party

They’ve been immortalized in film, music, books and popular culture.. just think of Lonely Island’s “I’m on a Boat”. Boats are clearly a classic party space and a clear winner for a cool bucks party idea. Nothing rocks the boat like your favourite mates soaking up the sun, whilst sipping on your favourite frothies, skimming across the water past land dwellers. Ya get wet, ya go wild, it’s simple math.

But these things are more fun when the Groom (or even some of the guests) don’t know the full schedule of play. So spice it up and ensure the Bucks crew don’t know at all until they rock up to the marina. Ideally you go large too… because when you combine surprise with boats you want a superyacht not a dingy. 

Nicholas Frankl, three-time winter Olympian and owner of luxury events company My Yacht Group, has been hosting the most exclusive Grand Prix parties aboard superyachts for the last twelve years. His simple advice? “Make sure your Perrier-Jouët champagne is first class – cold and chilled – and that the caviar is ready upon arrival.”

3. Place your bets

Competition, friendly or not, is a no brainer. Take the rivalry to a VIP Poker room, a private basketball court,  a world-renowned golf course, a shooting range, or an entire games arcade. Place your bets and let the games begin. Our only suggestion? Make sure you hire a cool scorekeeper to keep it fair. 

4. Playtime

There’s truth in toys get the boys because we all love a kick of adrenaline.

Think a high speed race track with luxe cars, wave jumping on jet skis on the Gold Coast, motorcross bike riding in the outback, cruising a yacht in Sydney Harbour, surfing uncrowded waves down the coast or battling it out in a Melbourne virtual reality centre. 

Keep tabs on who is winning what… then allocate the shots accordingly.

5. Fancy dress

This isn’t one just for the ladies… and interpret how you will: either dress up in costume or dress like your Bond.. yes James bloody Bond.

Prepare a dare, a costume or something to compliment the Groom’s birthday suit. Weave in a little (or a lot) of bearable humiliation for the Groom. Key word being  bearable. … but then be sure to have an appropriate outfit change for the continuation of celebrations. You don’t want the night cut short because of an inadvertent nut slip.

Otherwise, stick to the tux and go luxe.

6. Fuel fun

The mode of transport is more key than DJ Khaled and relies on a correlation with the size of the Groom’s (no, not that)… entourage and, probably, ego.

Charter a private jet or a helicopter, try hiring the entire fleet of Porsche 911s on offer at Cliff To Coast or hire a hummer or a convoy of classic Pontiacs / Aston Martins / Mustangs and Chevrolets. Riding around together keeps the group morale flying high (sometimes literally if you’re in the private jet option). 

7. Get outta town

… or go into town.

Secure a Bachelor pad for the night.. or weekend.. or week.

Does the Groom prefer penthouses, lake houses, beach houses, beach shacks, chateaus, chalets or a camping ground? Obviously international travel is looking limited for the moment, but can you travel interstate or downtown? Whatever you do, move the laddish antics away from your home, the Groom’s home, and any of the guests’ homes. Bucks night debauchery (even if that’s just a helluva lot of glass to clean up from whisky tasting) is not for your casa.

8. Bring luxury to the table

You want excellence in quality and service. It can manifest in the choice of poison, the transport, the venue, or the steak (eating is not cheating if you’re running a marathon). Come to think of it, food is really where it’s at. Find a Chef’s Table or book private catering in along with some black tie waitresses to dose up the opulence. 

9. Ladies

Whether the Groom is a “gentleman” or an absolute “lad”, sometimes you just need to balance out the testosterone. We’re not even saying get a stripper… because if tv and movies have taught us anything… that often fails.

So how about a topless waitress, an elegant host, a group of atmosphere models or a bartender? You’ll get class and charisma. Just no touching please.  

10. Sinful selfcare



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This is how we candid.

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Selfcare seems to be the buzz word of 2020. And ya know what? We’re here for it. Sometimes the lads need some serious rnr. Go tee up some (above board) massages, pedicures, yoga, classical or acoustic musician to bring on the chill vibes before the hectic big day.  Of course if we’re all about balance then you’ll need to balance all that out with a few delicate sins… like Cuban cigars or fine wine. Surely we have some yoga teacher talent in our mix… or even just a model who gives a great head massage whilst making a solid negroni. Have a look 😉

Now you wouldn’t think we’d just load you up on a bunch of unique bucks party ideas without a word of warning did you? So here comes our 2 cents of unsolicited advice… document the night if you wish, but some things are best left in memory… or as from Sid from The Hangover wisely advised: “Remember what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Except for herpes. That sh*t’ll come back with you.”

We truly wish you good luck. Send it!