How It Works

If you are looking for a job

SIGN UP and create a profile. Ensure you have 5 photos and your cover is professional.

APPLY for jobs and write why you will be suited for the particular job. Applications that are empty lack thought and therefore initiative.

If your application is accepted, you are booked for the job and on your way to earning money!

If you are looking for someone to work for you

SIGN UP and run through the step through process to list your job (free). Job notifications are sent out.

Check applicants and ACCEPT the staff that is the best candidate for your job. You can also Invite staff to work at your job. (Enter your credit card details at this stage)

ACCEPT the applicants you want - staff move to Booked Staff in your Job Dashboard and your contact details are shared with the staff before the job starts. Be sure to use the messaging system to confirm job information. Pay your staff cash on the night.