This is just a small even of not more than 8 friends catching up for long overdue drinks and poker. We've all been highly oppressed by our work-lives and need to get in touch with out inner early 20's again.

The gig is to simply share good banter (give and dish out some smart-arse comments) pour drinks, rub some high-tension-poker necks/shoulders all whilst wearing some sexy lingerie/bikini. You might be tasked to help distract an over-winning player or morale-boost a loser.

Being open to lap dances and partaking in some drinking-game fun will also be a winner. We want you to have a good time too! (Any lap-dance style activity would be expected to be be ADDITIONAL payment to staff). We will cater as-such to have plenty of food for yourself as well so let us know if you'd like something resembling vegetarian or similar on the list.

Good banter and a naughty streak are highly regarded.