IMPORTANT: Please note, the event of this job is completed. You will no longer be able to accept invitations or apply.

Its pretty simple day on and off the water (2 venues) with a bunch of fun, respectable handsome guys celebrating our good mates big day as a buck'n legend.


- Travel to the first location (East TBC) and home from the - last location (CBD).
- Bikini (Day)
- Lingerie (Night)
- Great attitude!
- We care about you so make sure you have eaten something substantial before the first location because we will be on the water for a few hours or bring something to eat with you. We have a lunch before the boat so wont be eating.

Extended hours a possibility both before the event or on the night. Will keep you posted if anything changes.

Look forward to hearing from you all. If you have any questions please ask.

Thanks so much.