IMPORTANT: Please note, the event of this job is completed. You will no longer be able to accept invitations or apply.


I'm trying to organise a last minute bucks for one of my best mates (last minute because he's a good boy and wasn't planning to do anything fun, but changed his mind about 5 minutes ago!). He's very whipped by his fiance is this is our last chance for him to have a bit of fun with some cool, fun loving ladies like yourselves!!

Who: An awesome and fun bunch of around 10 guys who are all close friends, office professionals or business owners (all friends from Uni). We are all aged around 35 years old.
Where: CEO Karaoke in Sydney CBD
When: Sat 9th Feb at 9pm (only 2 days away)

We look forward to a fun night out with you and making it one to remember (or forget) lol jk