IMPORTANT: Please note, all of the positions for this job have been filled. You will no longer be able to accept invitations or apply.

We're seeking an all rounder to assist us on our special day, not necessarily just an after party cleaner (but there's no other option to select for the ad).

Jobs will include acting as a host for when people arrive to show them to the back garden, showing other event staff (eg florist and musicians) where to set up, assist with keeping things neat and tidy during the day and doing odd jobs like refilling the drinks dispensers, serving wedding cake, helping move chairs inside if it rains, and socialising with guests- especially if they're on their own. Bonus points if you can make cocktails!

Personality wise, must be a good conversationalist and well presented.

We're envisioning the post event clean up would involve more helping with packing away furniture, clearing rose petals, vacuum the rooms of the house being used and bathroom clean/tidy. If this changes, we will of course let you know.

A full program of the day plus jobs needing to be done can be emailed. Total hours would be 9am - 5pm including breaks eg you won't need to do anything during the ceremony, so you can sit back and relax.

Any questions let us know!