We will be hosting a bucks party for my best mate on the last weekend of February. He recently organised mine and now it's time for me to be a good friend and ensure his party is even better!

On this, sure to be, memorable occasion, we will need the help of 2 lovely girls to do some waitressing (pouring/handing out drinks and food) as well as cooking on the party night/afternoon. (BBQ)

On the day of the party, we will be looking to play 9 holes of golf in groups and plan to organise some games along the way - would love you to attend and help with that as well (exact details still to be worked out).

Everyone attending the party is super cool and friendly, my bucks was awesome, we did the same kind of thing and found the girls to be fantastic - they ended up staying and partying with us too which was cool.

As this party will be at a house on the central coast. I am happy to arrange a room for you at the house or transport back to Sydney etc - open to chatting more about that and what you would feel more comfortable with.